The 22nd European Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics

Kraków, Poland, 9 - 13 September 2013

List of Posters

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  1. C. Albertus Study of the semileptonic and nonleptonic decay of the Bs meson
  2. D.A. Artemenkov Study of light nuclei cluster structure with nuclear track emulsion
  3. A.A. Aziz Analysis of alpha-induced reactions cross section
  4. W. Bardan Tests of C parity conservation in η → π+ π- π0 decay with WASA-at-COSY detector
  5. R.O. Barrachina Quantum vortices in the three-body continuum induced by the positron-impact ionization of Hydrogen
  6. E.F. Batista Renormalizing chiral N3LO interaction with multiple subtractions
  7. F.F. Bellotti Universality of three-body systems in 2D: parameterization of the bound states energies
  8. A. Glushkov Energy Approach to Few-Body Finite Fermi-Systems in a Super Strong Laser Field
  9. A. Glushkov Spectroscopy of Few-body Hadronic Atoms: Energy Shifts, Widths and Strong -N Interaction Correction
10. C.M. Granados-Castro Sturmian Approach To Single Photoionization of CH4
11. C. Gutierrez Relativistic quark-diquark model for the nucleon
12. V.S. Iurasov The QED Hamiltonian in the Clothed-Particle Representation (CPR)
13. R. Kezerashvili Bose-Einstein condensate of quasiparticles in graphene
14. G. Khatri Few-Nucleon System Dynamics Studied via Deuteron-Deuteron Breakup Reactions at 160 MeV
15. K. Khosonthongkee Low-lying baryons in hybrid quark model
16. F. Kobayashi Dineutron formation and breaking in 8He
17. A. Limphirat Nonstatistical moments in high-energy pp collisions
18. O.V. Marchukov Spin-orbit Coupling in Deformed Harmonic Traps
19. W. Parol Investigation of three nucleon force effects in deuteron-proton breackup reaction
20. W. Poonsawat Study of ̅KN Interactions
21. G.J. Rampho Electrodisintegration of few-nucleon systems using antisymmetrized molecular dynamics
22. D. Samart Box-diagram calculation of kaon photoproduction at K*Λ and K*Σ thresholds
23. T. Sawada Proposal to extend the nuclear physics to include the magnetically charged particle as an additional ingredient
24. P. Srisawad Kaon production with a repulsive in-medium kaon potential in nucleus-nucleus collisions
25. V.M. Suslov Neutron-deuteron scattering observables at Elab=14.1 MeV
26. E. Tomusiak Transverse (e,e') Response Functions for 4He
27. L.A. Trevisan The exact solution for the Dirac equation with the Cornell potential
28. Sh. Tsikluari Triexciton as a system of the three dipoles in two dimensional quantum dots
29. B. Vlahovic Faddeev calculations for systems of non-identical particles
30. A.G. Volosniev Borromean Binding in Two Dimensions
31. E. Yarevsky On the scattering of the electron off the hydrogen atom and helium ion below and above the ionization threshold: Temkin-Poet model
32. S.V. Zuyev The results of simulation of d+t3He+2n; 2nn+n reaction
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