The 22nd European Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics

Kraków, Poland, 9 - 13 September 2013
The 22nd European Conference on Few Body Problems in Physics follows the series of European Few-Body Conferences held in: Salamanca (2010), Pisa (2007), Groningen (2004), Bled (2002), ...

Like the previous conferences, this conference will give a possibility to present and discuss recent developments in the few-body physics.

The conference will cover a wide variety of problems, including:
  • nuclear forces and few-nucleon systems,
  • light nuclei and electroweak probes,
  • few-hadron systems (including quark models),
  • hypernuclei, strange and exotic systems,
  • relativistic description of few-body systems,
  • Effective Field Theory applied to few-hadron dynamics,
  • nuclear structure, clusters and halos,
  • atoms, molecules, condensates and quantum dots.

During the Conference the Few-Body System Award will be granted to two young scientists, a theoretician and an experimentalist, for their distinguished scientific achievements. The award is sponsored by the Few-Body Systems, published by Springer-Verlag. More details can be found here.

The proceedings of the conference are published in Few-Body Systems Volume 55, Issue 8-10.

Conference Poster (pdf)

The Lufthansa Airlines received the status of the Official Airline for the Purpose of Travel (Preferred Airline Partner) for the EFB22 Conference and offers a discount (about 10-15%, depending on the travel and fare booking classes) for the participants and the accompanying persons. More details can be found here.

Please, check also a new website for the European Few-Body Physics Community: Eu-Few-Body.




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